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Do You Need a License to Drive an ATV

When it comes to fun in Colorado, ATVs are a popular choice. It’s easy to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the state’s national parks, mountainous terrain, and rolling foothills on this off-road vehicle. Whether you choose to pursue ATV rentals or own one outright, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

Learn more about the requirements of driving an ATV so you can have a safe and fun excursion every time. 

What You Need to Drive an ATV

Colorado has a few requirements when it comes to operating off-road vehicles like ATVs. Local government bodies have the right to enact new ordinances regarding ATV operations when necessary, as well.

To own and drive an ATV, you’ll need a current driver’s license and carry proper liability insurance. If you’re renting an ATV, double check that the rental organization carries insurance for their off-road vehicles. When operating the vehicle, the law states you must use a seatbelt and eye protection. Helmets must also be worn for riders under the age of 18. Additionally, a person as young as 10 years old can ride on an ATV if an adult with a valid driver’s license is present.

Some requirements do vary from county to county. Check with ATV rentals in Durango for more information.

More ATV Riding Requirements

ATVs are a great way to explore the scenic outdoors of Colorado. Whether you’re renting an ATV or you own one, designated trails are plentiful. Some of the most extensive trails can be found in National Forests like San Juan, Gunnison, and Uncompahgre. Beginner and advanced ATVers alike can enjoy the dozens of riding areas with Durango ATV rentals.

Environmental and seasonal conditions can impact ATV riding areas, however. Be sure to check weather and local conditions before heading out. Additionally, specific equipment is required while riding on public land. Your ATV should include a head and tail lamp, proper braking system, a muffler, and a spark arrester.

It’s also important to respect the areas you’re riding in. In accordance with the state’s “leave no trace” program, riders are encouraged to follow etiquette while on public trails. You can do your part to keep the lands, rivers, and wildlife safe by avoiding littering or disturbing areas off of pathways. 

About ATV Rentals

To recap, a driver’s license is required for ATV rentals or if you choose to ride your own vehicle on public trails. Additionally, proper insurance is also a must for these off-road vehicles. No other license is required unless you are driving through cities or on roadways. Check with local government regulations for more information on ATV permits and ordinances.

Renting an ATV is an easy way to enjoy the outdoors and create your own backcountry adventure. Plus, off-road vehicle excursions are completely versatile. They are a fun pastime for people of any age or experience level. With Colorado Outback Adventures, you can be on the trail in no time! Check out our range of available ATVs and off-road vehicles to get your adventure started today.

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