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ATV Rentals

Durango, Colorado is known for its breathtaking sights and off-road trails. The best way to explore this rugged terrain is in your very own ATV. If you don’t own an ATV or UTV – don’t worry. It’s easy to find local Colorado ATV rentals so you can enjoy the fun of an all-terrain vehicle in no time.

ATV rentals allow you to explore the mountainous terrain in a safe yet exhilarating way. Find out more about how to explore Durango and how much these ATV rentals cost.

Cost of ATV Rentals

ATV rentals vary in cost depending on a few factors. First, it depends on which type and size of ATV or UTV you prefer to ride in. You and a friend can enjoy a few hours out on the trails in a 2-seater for a more affordable price point. Prices increase depending on whether you want an all-day adventure or a shorter excursion.

A typical price breakdown for UTV rentals is:

  • $175 to $350 for a 2-hour rental
  • $275 to $450 for a 4-hour rental
  • Ask your ATV Rentals guide about 6-hour rental pricing

What you can expect during your ATV off-road adventure

There’s tons to experience and explore in the Durango backcountry! During your off-road adventure, expect to get an adrenaline rush with hairpin turns, hidden waterfalls, and abandoned mining trails. History and nature combine to create wild and scenic routes perfect for exploration.

Whether you’re out for two hours or six, you’ll have a better experience when you’re fully prepared. Trail recommendations, maps, helmets, and ponchos are complimentary with every ATV excursion. However, we suggest bringing along some other important items so you’re as safe and comfortable as possible. 

High country weather is always fickle, so plan on wearing layers and bringing a windbreaker or jacket. Sunscreen and eye protection like goggles or sunglasses are also highly recommended. You’ll want to protect yourself as much as possible, even if you’re only out for a few hours.

Where to explore on your ATV rental

Durango trails are a great way to explore Southwest Colorado scenery. 

For more information on trails and pricing for ATV rentals, contact Colorado Outback Adventures.

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