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River rafting is a fun activity for the whole family. Not only is this a great way to explore the outdoors, but you’re sure to get in your fitness, as well. Whether you’re a seasoned river rat or a newbie on the water, prepping the right gear and clothing is essential. Have a safer and more successful trip by wearing the following during your Durango white water rafting adventure.

Durango White Water Rafting

What to Wear While Durango White Water Rafting

It’s probably not surprising that you’re going to get wet while river rafting. Layering up can help prevent the chill from setting in while keeping you dry. The best types of fabrics to wear while whitewater rafting are synthetic ones that help repel moisture.

Start your baseline layering with a comfortable swimsuit. Then, layer up with a long sleeve shirt or t-shirt and fitness shorts. It might be a hot day, but a long sleeved shirt can prevent sun exposure while you’re rafting. You can always cool off with an extra splash of water!

Make sure you avoid cotton at all costs. Normally a comfortable material, cotton takes longer to dry and won’t be as breathable during this high-movement activity. Additionally, leave the jewelry at home, since hoops and dangly accessories can cause safety issues. For those with long hair, we recommended keeping it up and out of your eyes during your excursion.

A few other things you can bring to make your Durango whitewater rafting day more enjoyable are:

  • A water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Sunscreen to avoid burns
  • Sunglasses attached to straps so you don’t lose them
  • A hat for added comfort and sun protection
  • A change of dry, comfortable clothes for afterwards

What about cold weather?

You can still enjoy whitewater rafting, even in Colorado’s chillier months. What to wear changes a little bit based on the temperature, though the layering process is similar. Adding a few extra layers in wool, fleece, and synthetics helps keep you warm despite the chilly river.

Other essentials like a splash jacket, wetsuit, and shoe coverings are often supplied day-of. Remember to bring a change of comfortable, dry clothes to change into after your river rafting adventure comes to an end. On a chilly day, this can feel like a lifesaver!

Keep your feet protected

Another key item to keep in mind is footwear. With water regularly sloshing into the raft, it’s important to keep your feet protected. 

Water shoes or sandals are the best options when it comes to river rafting footwear options. However, be sure to choose something that stays on and provides traction. Avoid flip flops which will likely fall off or get stuck in the raft during your trip. Footwear that offers stability and protection is important. 

Best of all, you won’t need to worry about bringing the right safety equipment. We provide everything you need to have a safe and wonderful time with friends and family. Contact us with questions about what to wear on your Durango white water rafting trip. See you on the river!

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