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Zipline Adventure in Durango

A zipline, also known as zip wire, flying fox, zip line, or aerial rope slide, is a fantastic outdoor recreation/adventure sport! Riders zip down a line from the top to the bottom of an inclined cable using a freely moving pulley.

Ziplines are specially-designed cables that connect two sites with a downhill slope. Passengers are put into a body harness with a pulley that connects to the cable. The rider may accelerate down the line at grin-inducing speeds, thanks to these pulleys, which are meant to reduce friction. Zip-line riders should weigh between 60 and 275 pounds on average. People that are heavier will accelerate faster and travel further when ziplining.

The Amazing Benefits of Ziplining

It’s fantastic for your lungs to walk outside and take a deep breath in clean nature. Our society is absorbed by working inside an office all day and breathing recycled air. You can’t help but notice that the air smells nicer when you’re surrounded by so many trees and nature.

Zipline adventures offer unforgettable thrills and lasting health benefits!

Burns calories

Climbing, hiking, and breaking with your arms are all part of ziplining as part of a rope course. Your elevated heart rate forces your body to work harder, causing fat to be burned more quickly. Working with the battle ropes on the course can burn up to 10 calories each minute, and you’ll almost certainly end a battle rope exercise sweating from exertion.

Increases self-esteem

When you share your zipline adventure with friends and family, you’ll form a special bond and create lasting memories. It also aids in the development of a closer relationship with your inner strength and provides a sense of accomplishment, both of which will improve your self-esteem.

Lower blood pressure and reduce stress

Ziplining is an excellent strategy to reduce blood pressure. It is beneficial to the heart! The activity lowers blood pressure, lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke in people who are at risk. Ziplining decreases blood pressure in a variety of methods, including the adrenaline rush, the capacity to alleviate stress, and simply being in nature.

Ziplining becomes a more efficient stress reliever when you combine that rush with fresh air and the serenity of being in nature.

Safety is Important!

Ziplining is ranked with rock climbing in terms of possible dangers. It does, however, assist people in overcoming their phobia of heights, so there are many benefits as well.

Some of the most basic safety tips to know before ziplining are:

  • Having control: Speed control zipline trolleys allow you ultimate control over your zipline speed. You may travel as fast (or as slow) as you like while always facing the front. The “bicycle” feel is quite steady and comfortable.
  • Wear appropriate clothing: Ziplining is best done in long pants or capris. Longer shorts are possible for men and women. Those who wear shorts may face discomfort during the ride if the harness straps dig into the flesh on your legs.
  • When ziplining it is important to wear sunscreen, listen to your guide and ask questions, and also be prepared to spend at least 2-3 hours with us on your zipline tour.

Colorado Outback Adventures: The Best Zipline Adventure in Durango!

The Durango zipline is made up of massive timber towers and a network of lines strung high above the forest floor. Colorado Outback Adventures offers the best tour in town! We are your go-to outfitter in Durango for the best activities and things to do.

We’ve been in business since 1995, and we’ve built a reputation for generating lifelong memories. Our company continues to expand as a result of our enthusiasm for assisting people in experiencing the outdoors. We enjoy getting to know our customers and providing them with many adventures over the years. They can trust in our safety and excellent service, so they can focus on enjoying their zipline tour and exploring nature.

Our glowing customer reviews reveal a lot about our services! To arrange an appointment for a memorable zipline experience, call us at (970) 903-1923 or stop by to see us in Durango, CO. Join us as we explore the Colorado backcountry!