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a group of people on a blue raft float down a rapid on a river

When it comes to outdoor adventure, there’s no better option than white water rafting and for those who are beginner rafting enthusiasts, we have a few tips for you. In our neck of the woods, Durango white water rafting offers some of the best rapid classes for both beginners and advanced rafters. There are a few different ways to approach your river trip, so be sure to choose the length and difficulty level that works for you.

You can raft Durango any time between May and September, depending on the water levels. Durango white water rafting trips range between 2 and 4.5 hours. These slots include your time on the water, as well as prep time before and after the rafting trip.

If it’s your first time Durango river rafting, you’ll want to come prepared. Read on to discover the best tips for beginner rafting.

Tips for Your Beginner White Water Rafting

Give yourself plenty of time to book your trip

To accommodate your group, consider booking in advance. This ensures that you can schedule within your preferred time frame and rapid difficulty level. Be sure to check with other members of your group to gauge how comfortable they are with higher-class rapids. This will also give everyone in your group plenty of time to prepare and pack their necessary items.

Go with a pro

When booking your Durango rafting trip, it’s important to choose a professional outfitter. Not only will their years of expertise and training keep you safe, but they’ll have important knowledge of the area and conditions. Rafting with a trained guide ensures that every member of your trip has a safe and fun time.

Be mindful of your guide

With that being said, your guide is a professional rafter who understands the terrain and any safety issues present. Always be mindful of your guide’s instructions and follow along closely with any instructions given. During the safety talk prior to launch, feel free to ask questions or voice any fears you may have. It’s normal to be nervous for your first time on the river, but your guide is there to help keep you safe.

Adhere to safety regulations

Safety regulations are in place for a reason. Even professional guides can’t always determine the severity of the ever-changing rapids. River rafters are required to wear certain safety gear like life vests and helmets. Be sure all safety equipment fits well before you head out.

Additionally, follow along with your guide’s instructions on how to hold and use your paddle. Having proper grip and paddling techniques also helps keep rafters safely inside the boat while navigating rough waters.

Research water levels beforehand

Another way to prepare for your rafting trip is to look up water levels before you depart. The river water levels in Durango vary due to weather conditions and nearby melting mountain snow that drains into the rivers. Irregular rapids can occur if there has been recent rainfall or in the early spring during snowmelt. Check online water level databases prior to launch so you can be prepared for varying rapid strength.

No matter your experience level, arriving fully prepared will help you have a more enjoyable time on the water for your beginner rafting trip. Want to experince the best rafting in Durango, Colorado? Give us a call or book online, our guides are the safest and most profesional in the area.

Posted By: Casey