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White Water Rafting

Durango rafting is a fun and intriguing outdoor sport that serves as a great way to enjoy the waters without needing much experience. For our less experienced readers, we’ve put together some important things to consider and safety measures to take to ensure that your Durango white water rafting experience is enjoyable so that you would remember it fondly for several years to come. You may love your Durango adventures so much that you may even recommend it to your friends!

Tips for Durango White Water Rafting

Select an experienced and licensed Durango rafting outfitter

Make sure that you ask relevant questions when looking for a Durango raft outfitter. Check on how long they have been in operation under their current ownership. Inquire about the training of their guides and the government agency that oversees their outfitter’s training practices and permits. If they can provide all these, it indicates that you are dealing with a trustworthy Durango river rafting outfitter.

Using an experienced outfitter is safer and more advisable because it will make sure that safety guidelines are respected and strictly followed.

Wear a personal flotation device (PFD) such as a life jacket at all times

It is important that your life jacket or PFD is properly fitted and worn when you’re in the water. You must ensure that all the buckles are properly clipped and that the jacket fits snugly against your body. The important thing to note here is that you have a jacket that is properly fitted so that you can breathe but it cannot be easily lifted over your head if you are tossed into the water. Always ensure your jacket is fitted by a professional.

Put yourself at ease and stay safe by wearing other safety equipment

Regardless of the level or kind of rafting that you choose to do, you should always have a helmet on. Any time spent in the water can be made safer and even more enjoyable with a personal flotation device to keep your head above water, and a helmet to prevent concussions and blackouts. To ensure that you wear your helmet and PFD properly, clip all of the buckles and ensure they are pulled comfortably against your body. You may ask for the help of your guide in getting your life jacket to properly fit.

Check that you are dressed appropriately for the weather

It is possible that the water may be a bit cold in the early spring while white water rafting in Durango. Wearing a splash jacket, wet suit, and appropriate river shoes can help you have a comfort-filled and enjoyable water rafting experience. When you are allowed to take-in and enjoy the adventure, you won’t have to worry about getting cold. This equipment can be rented from our outfitters. A reputable and experienced outfitter will have the equipment you require.

Be prepared for the clear and sunny days at the other end of the spectrum, too. When you choose to wear clothes that get dried quickly, such as polypro, as well as sunscreen and a low-cost pair of UV-protective sunglasses, it can help achieve the perfect summer water adventure!

Handle the paddle correctly

Handling the paddle incorrectly can pose a significant safety risk. In order to achieve this, you should have one of your hands on the shaft at the paddle base. The opposite hand should be held on the shaft’s end, over the “T” grip. This T grip is a piece that is made up of hard plastic. Ensuring that your hand is kept over the T grip will help you in properly handling the paddle and controlling it. It will also ward off any accidental injury if you were to be knocked in the cheek by the T grip. Inquire with your professional outfitter or guide about the proper technique.

Colorado Outback Adventures for Durango White Water Rafting!

At Colorado Outback Adventures, we are equipped White Water Rafting Equipment with the best Durango rafting guides who are expertly skilled and trained to provide you with the best white water rafting experience in Durango, CO!  Our adventures last 2-½ hours to 4 hours, depending on the Durango rafting trip you choose. We’re here to help you select the most appropriate adventure for your needs, so call us today!