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Jeep Tour

If you are interested in a Durango Jeep tour or off-roading in Durango, you will enjoy and explore nature in ways that you have never imagined or seen before! It’s the ideal balance of fun and off-roading excitement. Our Jeep tours in Durango will transport you through the terrain, and your guides will help show you the incredible natural wonders of Durango.

A Durango Jeep tour is a highly-structured, organized, and guided adventure which includes the flexibility necessary for you to enjoy Durango off-roading while sightseeing in the most beautiful scenery in Durango, Colorado. You can choose the kind of Jeep tour that’s best for you!

It’s important to determine whether you want a professionally-trained tour guide who will drive the Jeep while you enjoy the tour as a passenger, or in some cases, you can choose to drive the Jeep yourself. We will break down the differences so your Jeep tour is the best off-roading experience you can have in Colorado.

Durango Jeep Tours: The Basics of Durango Off-Roading

Jeep tours are typically small groups of Jeep Wranglers, each of which includes an expert guide leading at least one of the Jeeps in the tour. Our guide leads the way and takes you along the proper route so that you can see the sights while also knee-deep in offroading. A Jeep tour may be taken in any range from “mild” to “wild” off-roading, as it depends on the type of tour, terrain, and your experience with off-road driving.

Necessary Items to Bring for Your Jeep Tour in Durango

  • Mobile phone and camera: It’s not so much about the pictures as it is about recalling the exciting moments you experienced on the Jeep tour. There will be many opportunities to snap a shot of a spectacular moment with you and your Jeep tour-mates in many areas. Although your smartphone may be extremely handy when you’re out in nature exploring its beauty, its short battery duration may turn out to be your worst enemy. So, if you’re going to take your phone with you, you may want to bring an external battery in your pack, too!
  • Water and a snack: Being out on a Jeep tour means you’ll need to bring a bottle of water and some snacks. Off-roading is exactly that — off the normal roads of Durango and out in the natural terrain. Bringing water and snacks will ensure you’re always hydrated and comfortable.
  • Sun Protection: It’s always important to protect your skin from the sun. When Durango off-roading, you will experience the elements, including the bright sunshine. We don’t want anyone to become sunburned during their tour, so utilizing sunblock is the best way to ensure your skin is protected from harmful UV rays.
  • Personal items and prescription medications: Bring a small medicine holder if you have outdoor allergies, since your Jeep tour will feature the most beautiful aspects of nature, along with all the natural pollen, dust, and eye irritants that come with off-roading. Inform your tour guide of any health issues before you begin your tour, so everyone is prepared to make your tour the best it can be.

Other items that can aid the best Durango off-roading experience include:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Comfortable footwear
  • A portable backpack for miscellaneous needs
  • Any medicines for outdoor allergies

Contact Colorado Outback Adventures for the off-roading in Durango!

At Colorado Outback Adventures, we have the best team of tour agents who are equipped with fun Jeep Wranglers to take you safely off-roading on mountain passes in Durango, CO.

We’re also here to help you have unforgettable experiences with Durango white water rafting or Durango inflatable kayaking the Animas River, and water sports on beautiful Lake Nighthorse. Explore the Colorado backcountry with us!

Colorado Outback Adventures started in 2016 renting Polaris RZRs at Purgatory Ski Resort. We merged with a rafting and Jeep outfitter in Durango with over 20 years of experience and now offer the best activities in Durango, Colorado. Give us a call to start your best off-roading tour in Durango, as we are here to answer any of your questions before you begin your amazing Durango, CO adventure tour. Whether you’re wakeboarding, waterskiing, ziplining, or out on a Jeep tour, we’ve got all you need for your next excursion!