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When you arrive for our Animas River white water rafting trip, your guide will go through a list of rules. These guidelines are designed to keep you safe!

Remember — it is our job to give you directions for anything that could occur on the river. We simply want you to be prepared for anything that might arise. Here are a few things you might hear:

Hold the paddle with two hands

We know, it’s easy to get excited and start pointing at the scenery or splashing your family. This is all great! Just be sure that you are holding the paddle with TWO hands at all times. The reason for this is simple — you don’t want to hit a fellow rafter with the handle of your paddle!

Swim to the raft or the shore

If you find yourself in the river at any time, immediately swim to the raft or the nearest shore. Your guide will give you directions from there.

Don’t stand up in the river

If you do end up in the river, don’t stand up. This will ensure that your feet don’t get trapped in rocks or debris.

Feet first

If you aren’t able to swim to the boat or shore right away, float on your behind with your head up and your feet pointed downriver. This will help you see what is coming, and you can use your feet to bounce off of any rocks.

Listen to your guide

Whether you are on the raft or in the river, be sure to listen closely to your guides. They will give you very clear directions, so you and your family can have a great time!

Colorado Outback Adventures is known for having the most experienced guides on the Animas River. They will work hard to ensure that you have a safe, memorable, and fun white water rafting trip!

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