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There’s no better thrill than the rough and ready adventure of ATV riding. But this pastime requires some specific clothing and accessories to help protect you while you’re out on the trails. This gear doesn’t just help shield you from mud, debris, and foliage – it will also ensure a comfortable outdoor excursion. Find out what gear and clothing you need when venturing out with ATV rentals.

ATV Rentals

Best ATV Safety Gear

No matter the season, correct ATV safety gear and clothing is a must. In fact, there’s a bigger risk of injury if you go out without it. Layers are essential in preventing scratches or combating harsh weather. Additionally, adjustable and versatile clothing prepares you for any occasion. Don’t miss out on Colorado’s seasonal beauty by staying prepared with these top safety essentials.

An approved helmet

The Department of Transportation has specific guidelines when it comes to helmet manufacturing and safety. Having a DoT-approved helmet ensures that your headgear meets all safety criteria and is made using specific materials. Wearing an approved helmet while ATV riding provides maximum resistance to impact if you are in an accident. As a bonus, these full-face helmets are guaranteed to be more comfortable while providing the most protection from terrain and foliage.

If you don’t opt-in for a full-face style, be sure to wear correct eye protection. High-impact goggles can also help increase visibility by protecting you from wind, rain, and dust. 

ATV riding gloves

Many riders forgo hand protection, but the right gloves will do more than just keep your hands warm. ATV riding gloves can also help reduce hand fatigue by increasing circulation during your outing. Additionally, they’ll keep your hands protected from debris, weather, and rough winds. Choose gloves with padded knuckles to prevent injury in case of an accident. You can even find gloves with hidden pockets to insert hand-warmers on those chilly, Colorado mornings.

Waterproof boots

Your shoe choices are extremely important when it comes to riding an ATV. A sturdy pair of waterproof, over-the-ankle boots ensures a smoother, safer ride. They provide safety by making sure your feet don’t budge from their footrests. Additionally, sturdy boots are essential when it comes to wading through unforeseen trail conditions like mud, snow, and water. Make sure your laces are double-tied before you head out, as well. The better the boot, the less likely you’ll have damp socks by the end of your ride!

Extra layers

Layering up isn’t just for the colder months. Before adventuring on your ATV rental, suit up with full-length clothing options – the more layers the better. Wearing a long-sleeve shirt in the summer may be hot, but it will help protect you from sunburn and scrapes. If in the event of an ATV accident, extra layers on arms and legs are the best initial protection from surface impact. Stick with water resistant clothing options that repel rain or moisture and avoid cotton. 

Even more protection

You have your helmet, eye protection, boots, and layers, but there’s one more protective item you can add to the mix. Safety gear like pads and plates add a serious level of protection for your body. This is especially helpful for riders who have sustained previous injury and are looking to protect a specific area. Choose from knee pads, shoulder pads, shin guards, chest plates, or extra neck guards for the best protection while riding an ATV.

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